Giving Tuesday 2017

Happy Giving Tuesday! If you are looking to donate to a hyper-local nonprofit organization that has very tangible plans for your contribution – look no further. This Giving Tuesday we have a very special goal: to purchase 100 brand-new children’s books featuring diverse characters.

Why? We get a lot of gently used books donated to us (thank you!) and we are able to use donated funds to regularly purchase brand-new children’s books in bulk for $0.75-$1.00 per book. These books are the bread and butter of our programs because of their availability. However, 95% of these books feature either animals or children/adults with white skin as the main characters. Very few of the books we receive or are able to purchase inexpensively feature characters with dark skin complexions.

We believe that all kids deserve to see themselves in the books they read, and because we give books to kids of all races, we want our books to reflect each of them!

But it’s not that easy – because there aren’t as many books out there with diverse characters, they aren’t available to us at our bulk/nonprofit rates. Instead of buying a case of 32 books for $24 as we do with many other titles, we have to buy these diverse books individually for an average of $3-$4 each. While this is still a significant discount from the retail price of $6-$15 per book, $3 per book simply isn’t in our regular monthly budget. But because we feel so strongly that our books need to represent all of the children we serve, we are asking you to consider making a special Giving Tuesday donation that we will use to purchase books that feature adults and children with all skin colors. We have selected these 5 books that we hope to purchase with donated funds. (Bonus: They are all bilingual English/Spanish – another one of our needs!)

Your Giving Tuesday donation of $4 or more will help us purchase one of these five books to include in our book bundles to kids in Durham. A gift of $20 will allow us to purchase one copy of each! Help us reach our goal of 100 books by making a donation below.

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