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Thank you for your interest in distributing books to families/children in Durham. There are two basic ways for your organization or business location to get involved with book distribution:
1) Host a bookshelf at your location filled with book bundles for families to take, or,
2) Request First Pages book bundles, loose books, and/or literacy activities at an event.


For all requests, organizations or events have to meet the following general requirements to fit the First Pages mission:

  • Organizations or events must be located in Durham, NC
  • Organizations or events must serve or attract children ages 0-5, OR, serve or attract families who may have children ages 0-5.
  • Organizations or events must be prepared to identify a point-person who will maintain the bookshelf at their location, work with First Pages to schedule book bundle deliveries, or provide event details
  • Strong preference will be given to organizations or events that serve populations that may face one of our three identified barriers to a literacy-rich home environment: access (income and/or transportation), knowledge about early-literacy importance, or language differences.
  • Strong preference will be given to organizations or events that serve or attract large numbers of eligible families to help First Pages make the greatest impact as possible.

If you feel that your organization or event meets these requirements and are interested in partnering with First Pages, please email kelly@first-pages.org.  Please allow 5 business days for an initial response with follow up questions; and up to 2-4 weeks for final partnership consideration.
For a list of current book distribution locations and event partnerships, click here!
Interested in collecting books for First Pages? Click here instead!


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Serving Durham, North Carolina

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