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About First Pages


First Pages is dedicated to improving the pre-literacy skills of children ages 0-5 in Durham, NC. We aim to help families overcome three common obstacles related to early literacy: access to books, knowledge about reading importance, and language differences. We are making an impact on early literacy outcomes in Durham by giving families free book bundles at easily accessible locations.


Our Guiding Principles


  • Mission: To help all children under age 5 in Durham, North Carolina enter kindergarten with strong pre-literacy skills.
  • Vision: A world in which all children, regardless of background, are equally prepared to become passionate and effective readers in school.
  • Values: Literacy is a basic human right. Every child has the potential to be an effective reader. Early literacy skills are the key to reading proficiency.

The Board of Directors


The Board of Directors meets regularly to support the mission of First Pages by providing strategic leadership and governance.  The Board is made up of individuals whose talents and experiences range from higher education, marketing, early childhood education, fundraising, technology, and more.  Together, they work to realize the mission of First Pages.


Kelly Partner
Kelly PartnerPresident, Board of Directors
First Pages is Kelly’s brainchild and she is thrilled that it is finally off the ground. She is excited to draw on her master’s in teaching again.
Natalie Ziemba
Natalie ZiembaTreasurer, Board of Directors
Natalie is excited to connect her career in social work to the mission of First Pages.
Paige Abe
Paige AbeSecretary, Board of Directors
As a higher education professional, Paige has a passion for life-long learning. She is excited to lend her time to First Pages.
Diego Nieves
Diego NievesBoard of Directors
Diego is a Durham resident who enjoys being connected to his community.
Nancy Bagatell
Nancy BagatellBoard of Directors
As an occupational therapist, Nancy values reading as an important daily activity, especially for young children.
Tom Billman
Tom BillmanBoard of Directors
Tom believes in the power of early childhood literacy and is happy to help First Pages impact the lives of kids in Durham.
Sarah Friedman
Sarah FriedmanBoard of Directors
Sarah is passionate about reading education because she has seen its importance first-hand. She taught overseas with Peace Corps for 5 years and is now a local middle school EC teacher.

First Pages

(919) 443-9331
Serving Durham, North Carolina

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